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Our employees are highly valued and respected at Roof 1. Each and every employee has passed a rigorous back-ground check and undergoes ever-updated training in the latest of roofing standards and practices and safety. ROOF 1 roofers are professional roofers. Only the “Elite” roof with ROOF 1

This approach seems to be working, because 10 years experience, these doors are still open with the same ideals and business model that we started with. We have grown of course but not too big to where our philosophy is lost. The majority of our work today is generated by referrals. This is something Roof 1 works very hard for and is very proud of because, let’s face it, if we exceed your expectations you are going to tell a few people in your little circle what a wonderful job we did for you. If we drop the ball and perform poorly, that circle usually grows to encompass a whole lot of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Roofing is Our Passion:

At ROOF 1 we are passionate about roofing. Roofing is what we know and roofing is what we are great at. “ROOF 1” is not just a name, ROOF 1 is the roofing company of choice.

Our Principles of Success:

Quality – is our first concern.  We employ only the most highly skilled roofers and those that are in training to become the next most highly skilled roofer.

Safety – Safety is no accident! We work at it daily. Builders and homeowners can take comfort in the fact that their property is protected by our safety programs and with our full line of insurance coverage.

Workmanship –old techniques, new methods and high standards of workmanship are applied to every roof whether it is the smallest of repairs or the grandest of re-roofs.

Professionalism –  ROOF 1  needs your referral and knows that only the most satisfied of customers will deliver that reference.  Our professional approach to your roofing needs sets us apart from the others.  From our friendly and knowledgeable office staff to our warehouse showroom to our skilled installers, we believe our professionalism is second to none.

Attitude –We believe the overriding reason for our success is the attitude that runs throughout the company that simply says, “We will do whatever it takes to do the best job possible”. That includes working with complete professionalism, under very safe conditions, with the best people and equipment in the business. We also buy the highest quality products from the finest companies in the industry.

Insurance –ROOF 1  protects its customers by carrying a full line of insurance. While it is not required to carry liability insurance, it doesn’t make sense not to. ROOF 1  will gladly supply our customers with a Certificate of Insurance.

We Educate Our Customers:

We wanted to educate our customers about their roofs so that they could make informed decisions on what the best remedy would be for them, not what makes us the most money or what moves our inventory the fastest. Without the high pressure sales approach we found that our customers appreciated our service rather than dreading the ordeal of the “used car dealer” sales pitch. We figured that if we were honest and informative, we could develop a relationship with our customers and a certain level of trust that would last well past the final clean-up stages of the work we just performed. We wanted to make sure that if we ran into a past customer in the supermarket that we would have no hesitation approaching and greeting them, instead of hiding in the next isle afraid to show our face.

Many Years of Experience: